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Breck Carter
Last modified: October 21, 1999
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Tip 90 - UltraLite Lite

The Minimal

Table of Contents

ULLDemo1 Displays hello world on Palm V
  1. Why? Why? Why? - Why Palm? Why HotSync? Why UltraLite?
  2. What's What - The File List
  3. The Shopping List - Buy, Buy, Buy
  4. The Download List - Free, Free, Free
  5. Create the Reference and Consolidated Database - All In One
  6. Configure the ODBC Data Source - Can't Avoid ODBC
  7. Write the Synchronization Scripts - Use The "Defaults"
  8. Design the Palm User Interface - It's Not Windows
  9. Write the C and ESQL Source Code - It's Not PowerBuilder
  10. Run the ESQL Preprocessor and UltraLite Analyzer - SQLPP and ULGEN
  11. Add Components to the CodeWarrior Project - The Real C Code
  12. Register the Creator Id - Universally Unique
  13. Create the Conduit Registry Entries - Can't Avoid The Registry, Either
  14. Edit the CodeWarrior Project Settings - Waving A Dead Chicken
  15. Compile and Link the Application - We're Getting Close
  16. Debug the Application - Closer Still!
  17. Deploy the Application - Almost There!
  18. Run the Application - Voila! Success!
  19. For Future Discussion - The Real Work Begins

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