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Question: What was new in Foxhound GA 1.3738?


What's new in GA? Some minor fixes and some new docs:

What are the Foxhound system requirements?
How do I backup my Foxhound database?
How do I shrink the size of the Foxhound database?
How do I get a copy of Foxhound?
How do I get multiple copies of Foxhound?
How do I install the Basic Edition of Foxhound?
How do I install the Evaluation Edition of Foxhound?
How do I install the Extended Edition of Foxhound?
How do I tell a Beta Foxhound setup file apart from a Generally Available (GA) setup?
How many target databases can one copy of Foxhound monitor?
Why do I get an ALERT #28 - Long transaction when there are no connections running long transactions?
Why is the Alert #15 threshold still set at 10 incomplete file I/O operations, instead of the new default value of 256?


Access is denied.
Authentication failed
Cannot access ... foxhound1.db ... another process may be using the file
Can't open Message window log file: foxhound1_debug.txt
dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 0
dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 1
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
Unable to stop database server -- Request to start/stop database denied.
Windows cannot find 'C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe'

Here's a list of the outstanding issues...

Database Monitor sometimes shows wrong timestamp for "Foxhound stopped at" sample
Foxhound upgrade fails with message Authentication failed
Incorrect "Commits / Rollbacks" counts are displayed by the Database Monitor after a gap in sampling
Shortcuts fail with message Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'

...fixes will be delivered in the next Generally Available build of Foxhound:

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