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Message: dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 0

Explanation: (Note: This is different from the more common message "dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 1".)

If the "dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 0" message appears by itself, without any other error messages, it is probably safe to ignore; it is probably a false error which is sometimes displayed by the "debug" shortcuts used to start the Foxhound engine:

All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Start Foxhound via Firefox - debug

All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Start Foxhound via IE - debug

Here's an example of this error message followed by the successful completion of the shortcut command:

C:\ProgramData\RisingRoad\Foxhound1>ECHO OFF
Stopping the Foxhound engine if it is running...
SQL Anywhere Stop Server Utility Version
Unable to stop database server -- Database server not found.
Starting the Foxhound engine...
SQL Anywhere Start Server In Background Utility Version
*** ERROR ********************************************************
*** dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 0
*** To display startup diagnostics,
Press any key to continue . . .
*** No startup diagnostics are available.
Press any key to continue . . .
Launch IE to (try to) open the Foxhound display...
Press any key to continue . . .

See also...
dbspawn/dbeng11 set ERRORLEVEL = 1

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