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Question: How do I get multiple copies of Foxhound?

Answer: The Foxhound License Agreement mentions two ways to obtain multiple copies of Foxhound:

Simple Bulk Purchase

A simple bulk purchase involves the purchase of multiple registration keys where each registration key is used to activate a separate copy of Foxhound, and each resulting copy meets the definition of "one copy of Foxhound" given earlier. This is analogous to the bulk purchase of multiple copies of a book. Simple bulk purchases are covered by this License Agreement; they do not require a Multiple-Copy License.

Multiple-Copy License

A Multiple-Copy License involves the purchase of the right to make a limited number of identical copies after one original copy of Foxhound has been activated with one registration key, and to run these identical copies on different computers at the same time. This is analogous to making multiple photocopies of a book, an operation that is normally forbidden by the book's copyright terms. A Multiple-Copy License requires express written permission from RisingRoad, separate from this License Agreement.

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