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Question: How do I install the Evaluation Edition of Foxhound?


Step 1: Obtain an Evaluation Edition registration key; see How do I get a copy of Foxhound?

Step 2: Download the latest "GA" (Generally Available) Foxhound setup file from this web page.

Step 3: Run the setup file to install Foxhound.

If you currently have the Beta edition of Foxhound installed, follow the instructions here: "How do I install a new version of Foxhound?"

If this is a brand new copy of Foxhound, see "How do I install Foxhound?"

Step 4: Start the Foxhound engine and launch Foxhound in your browser:

start - All Programs - Foxhound1 - Start Foxhound via Firefox
start - All Programs - Foxhound1 - Start Foxhound via IE

Step 5: Copy and paste (or type) your registration key on the "Activate Foxhound" web page when it appears, and click on the "Activate Foxhound" button.

An initial configuration page will then appear; click on the "Help" button for more information.

Context-sensitive Help buttons and icons appear throughout Foxhound. The same information is available on the web, here, and even more can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: The Evaluation edition of Foxhound will expire 30 days after it is installed. It be upgraded to the Basic or Extended edition at any time, before or after it expires, without losing any of your data or even interrupting a Database Monitor session; just purchase a Basic or Extended key and enter it on the About page.

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