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Message: User "DBA" dropped event connection 1000...... ("rroad_monitor_sample_loop")


This message normally appears in the Foxhound database engine console log when the Foxhound Monitor has given up waiting for a "connection failed" response to its attempt to connect to the target database:

   User "DBA" dropped event connection 1000002348 ("rroad_monitor_sample_loop")

To confirm this, look for corresponding messages in Foxhound Options - Display Diagnostics; these diagnostic messages will tell you which target database is affected:

   1663 2010-06-13 06:58:13.796 Full Build 3700a 1000000035 202a3a(202eh1) 
   Connection timeout for target DSN xxx after 15.1s (timeout threshold is 15.0s; see Foxhound Options) - 1000002348

To stop further attempts to restart start sampling for this target database after a timeout, click on Start Sampling, then Cancel Request.

To stop all further attempts to restart sampling after a time out, or to change how often the attempts are made, see Foxhound Options - Timeout Retry.

It is also normal to see several messages like this when the Foxhound engine is forcibly stopped while it is sampling several target databases.

See also...
Foxhound Options - Display Diagnostics
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Foxhound Options - Timeout Retry

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