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Question: What's new in Foxhound 1.1.3832?


SQL Anywhere 12 Support - Foxhound now supports SQL Anywhere Version 12 target databases, in addition to versions 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

  • This applies to both sides of Foxhound: the Monitor and the Schema Display.

Better Performance, Lower Overhead - The Foxhound Monitor now runs faster and uses fewer resources.

  • This screenshot shows an idle target database with 1,005 connections that aren't doing anything. Prior to being shut down at 9.08 AM, the previous version of Foxhound was taking over 2 minutes to record each sample, and the target database server was using over 2% CPU to satisfy Foxhound's requests for information about those connections.

    By 9:17 AM the new version of Foxhound was up and running. Now Foxhound was able to record a sample in 5 seconds or less, bringing the interval between samples closer to the standard 10 seconds. Also, the CPU load on the target database is lower.

100 Targets - You can now monitor up to 100 different target databases using a single copy of the Extended edition of Foxhound.

Faster Upgrade - Foxhound now takes less time and uses less disk space when re-installing or upgrading.

  • The post-setup data upgrade process is now approximately 90% faster. This translates into minutes instead of hours when upgrading a multi-gigabyte Foxhound database.
  • The high-water mark for extra disk space required during the upgrade is now approximately 60%, down from the 100% extra space that was previously required.

  • Foxhound now pre-allocates space for the new database file when re-installing or upgrading, rather than just letting the new database grow in size as the old data is copied.

    1. The post-setup data upgrade process calculates the actual disk space used for data in the current Foxhound database. If the Foxhound purge process has deleted a lot of data, then the calculated amount will be a lot smaller than the size of the current Foxhound database file.
    2. 10% is added to the calculated amount to allow for future growth.

    3. If necessary, the calculated amount is reduced to be no larger than the current Foxhound database file.

    4. The ALTER DBSPACE SYSTEM ADD statement is then used to pre-allocate space for the new Foxhound database file, and the process of copying data from the old database is begun.

Faster, Better Purge - The Foxhound purge process has been completely rewritten to be faster and more effective at dealing with giant Foxhound databases.

  • The new Purge uninteresting connection data setting specifies how soon uninteresting connection-level Monitor sample data will be deleted.
  • The new Purge speed setting specifies how aggressively the purge process will pursue its goal of deleting old data.

  • The new Purge Run report shows how well the purge settings are working.

  • Also, the "after 1 day / week / ..." calculations are based on the most recent successful sample, not the current timestamp, so you don't lose the most recent significant data just because sampling has been turned off for a while.

Better Diagnostics - It's now easier to diagnose problems which occur when starting and running Foxhound.

  • These Foxhound command files have been modified to display the SQL Anywhere console log messages and write them to the foxhound1_debug.txt file (see How do I see Foxhound diagnostics, errors and exceptions?):
          $backup_foxhound1.bat       - used by the shortcut All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Backup Foxhound Database
          $start_foxhound1_engine.bat - used by the shortcut All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Start Foxhound Engine
          $post_setup.bat             - used by the Post Setup process when installing or upgrading Foxhound
  • The ECHO OFF command has been removed from the "debug" startup command files so you can see everything that's going on:

          $start_foxhound1_firefox_debug.bat - used by the shortcut All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Start Foxhound via Firefox - debug
          $start_foxhound1_ie_debug.bat      - used by the shortcut All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Start Foxhound via IE - debug

Ad-hoc Queries - The Export Samples feature has been replaced with the ability to perform ad-hoc queries against the Foxhound database via dbisql and other client software.

Better Docs - The Frequently Asked Questions now have different "alias" questions pointing to the same answers, to make the answers easier to find.

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