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Question: Why do I see so many "Timed out" messages on the Monitor display?

Answer: When Foxhound tries to connect to the target database, and it doesn't get any response at all (success or failure) before the Foxhound Options - Connection Timeout period expires, it displays the "Timed out" message and waits for the Foxhound Options - Timeout Retry period before trying again.

Normally you will only see one "Timed out" message in the Monitor display even when many "Connection timout" exceptions are recorded in the Foxhound database.

Sometimes, however, Foxhound will get a failed response like "Database server not found" before the timeout period expires, and you will see alternating messages like this:

 7:45:42 AM   2m 31.0s   -- Timed out --  
 7:43:11 AM       0s     -- Timed out at --  
 7:43:11 AM     15.0s    -- Database server not found --  
 7:42:56 AM    1m 0.4s   -- Database server not found at --  
 7:41:56 AM   22m 40.1s  -- Timed out --  
 7:19:15 AM      .1s     -- Timed out at --  
 7:19:15 AM     15.0s    -- Database server not found --  
 7:19:00 AM    1m 0.7s   -- Database server not found at --  
 7:18:00 AM   2m 32.3s   -- Timed out --  
 7:15:27 AM      .1s     -- Timed out at --  
 7:15:27 AM     15.0s    -- Database server not found --  
 7:15:12 AM    1m 0.9s   -- Database server not found at --  
 7:14:11 AM   16m 22.3s  -- Timed out --  
 6:57:49 AM      .1s     -- Timed out at --  
One workaround is to increase the Foxhound Options - Connection Timeout period to one minute. That may give Foxhound enough time to consistently receive the failed response before the timeout period expires. It will also allow Foxhound to promptly connect to the target database when it becomes available.

If you are only monitoring one database, or if you are not experiencing any Foxhound performance issues related to long waits for connection failure responses, try using the "never timeout" setting.

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