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Question: What's new in Foxhound Beta 1.3736?


The Database Monitor and History pages have been enhanced to allow you to specify how the Connection section is sorted.

The up or down arrow to the left of a single column title in the Connection section indicates that entries are sorted in ascending or descending order by that column. Click on that column title to change the direction of that sort (ascending to or from descending), or click on a different column title to sort the entries by that column.

The tie-breaker sort column is Conn #; if multiple entries in this section have the same value in the selected sort column, those entries are sorted in ascending order by Connection Number.

Alert emails have been enhanced by sorting the current connections section in an order that is relevant to the alert condition.

For example, the email for Alert 28 - Long transaction will show this in the title line for the Connection section:
(sorted in descending order by the "Transaction Running Time" column)

Here's the full list:

Alert Email Connection Sort Order Connections Sorted On
1 - Database unresponsive descending CPU Time
2 - Long heartbeat descending CPU Time
3 - Long sample time descending CPU Time
4 - CPU usage descending CPU Time
5 - Database disk space descending Disk Writes
6 - Temp disk space descending Disk Writes
7 - Log disk space descending Disk Writes
8 - Other disk space descending Disk Writes
9 - Arbiter unreachable descending CPU Time
10 - Partner unreachable descending CPU Time
11 - HA failover descending CPU Time
12 - HA mode change descending CPU Time
13 - File fragmentation descending Disk Writes
14 - Waiting requests descending CPU Time
15 - Incomplete I/Os descending Disk Writes
16 - I/O operations descending Disk Writes
17 - Checkpoint urgency descending Disk Writes
18 - Recovery urgency descending Disk Writes
19 - Cache size descending CPU Time
20 - Cache satisfaction ascending Cache Satisfaction
21 - Temp file usage descending Temp Space
22 - Conn temp file usage descending Temp Space
23 - Blocked connections descending Conns Blocked
24 - Conn blocking others descending Conns Blocked
25 - Locks descending Locks Held
26 - Connections descending CPU Time
27 - Connection CPU descending CPU Time
28 - Long transaction descending Transaction Running Time
29 - Cache panics descending Cache Satisfaction

The Global Database Id value is now displayed in more places, if it is set to a non-default value in the target database. This makes it easier to tell different remote databases apart in a replicating or synchronizing environment:

  • Facts & Figures title line
  • Database-level Curiosities title line

  • Table and Column name list title lines

  • CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW title lines

The Foxhound License Agreement has been simplified and rewritten in the style of the original Borland "Just like a book" license agreement.

When the Generally-Available (GA) form of Foxhound ships, it will be available in three editions: Evaluation, Basic and Extended.

The Display Schema CREATE VIEW display has been enhanced to behave like the CREATE TABLE display: when you click on a column name in the alphabetical column list in the left frame, not only does the CREATE VIEW containing that column open in the right frame, but it is scrolled down to the specific column. Previously, the CREATE VIEW appeared but it was not scrolled down to the column.

The Foxhound Options - Export Samples functionality has been enhanced to include information about Alerts:

  • export7_alert.txt
  • export8_all_clear.txt

  • export9_alert_cancelled.txt

  • export10_alerts_criteria.txt

The "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the Foxhound website has been updated:

How do I backup my Foxhound database?
How do I shrink the size of the Foxhound database?
What is the Foxhound End-User License Agreement (EULA)?
What is the upgrade policy for installing new builds of Foxhound?
What are the differences among the different editions of Foxhound: Beta, Evaluation, Basic and Extended?
What happens when a copy of Foxhound expires?
Why did Foxhound start automatically after I stopped it?

ALERT #xx - xxx - xxx(nn)
ALL CLEAR #xx - xxx - xxx(nn)
CANCELLED #xx - xxx - xxx(nn)
CREATE PROCEDURE rroad_..._properties failed ... Item 'rroad_..._properties' already exists
Foxhound Extended edition is required for ...
SQL Anywhere database version ... not supported
SQL Anywhere database server ... not supported
The initial activation was not successful: you cannot activate a BETA copy of Foxhound as FULL.

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