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Question: ALERT ...

Answer: An ALERT email is sent when one or more target database conditions match user-defined criteria.

The Alerts Criteria Page lets you turn alerts on and off and specify alert criteria for a particular target database. Individual criteria may include a threshold amount and/or a duration or waiting period.

The "Recent alert history" section of an ALERT email is a list of recent ALERT, ALL CLEAR and CANCELLED conditions for this target database.

The "Recent sample history" section of an ALERT email shows what the Foxhound History page looks like when the alert was issued, including blocked and current connections.

The sort order for the current connections section of an ALERT email depends on the alert condition, as follows:

Alert Email Connection Sort Order Connections Sorted On
1 - Database unresponsive descending CPU Time
2 - Long heartbeat descending CPU Time
3 - Long sample time descending CPU Time
4 - CPU usage descending CPU Time
5 - Database disk space descending Disk Writes
6 - Temp disk space descending Disk Writes
7 - Log disk space descending Disk Writes
8 - Other disk space descending Disk Writes
9 - Arbiter unreachable descending CPU Time
10 - Partner unreachable descending CPU Time
11 - HA failover descending CPU Time
12 - HA mode change descending CPU Time
13 - File fragmentation descending Disk Writes
14 - Waiting requests descending CPU Time
15 - Incomplete I/Os descending Disk Writes
16 - I/O operations descending Disk Writes
17 - Checkpoint urgency descending Disk Writes
18 - Recovery urgency descending Disk Writes
19 - Cache size descending CPU Time
20 - Cache satisfaction ascending Cache Satisfaction
21 - Temp file usage descending Temp Space
22 - Conn temp file usage descending Temp Space
23 - Blocked connections descending Conns Blocked
24 - Conn blocking others descending Conns Blocked
25 - Locks descending Locks Held
26 - Connections descending CPU Time
27 - Connection CPU descending CPU Time
28 - Long transaction descending Transaction Running Time
29 - Cache panics descending Cache Satisfaction

The Foxhound Options - Email Settings page lets you specify general email settings.

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