Help for Foxhound 4.0.4740a

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Foxhound 4 

The About Foxhound Page

The About Foxhound page displays version and other information about this copy of Foxhound.

The Foxhound Version shows the major version of this copy of Foxhound.

The ... built at ... line identifies the exact build number of this copy of Foxhound, as well as the timestamps for the Foxhound build and database creation.

The Serial Number: may be useful when requesting support.

The button will appear for a Rental Edition copy of Foxhound so you can renew the rental period or upgrade to the Basic or Extended Edition.

The button will appear for a Basic Edition copy of Foxhound so you can upgrade it to the Extended Edition.

The "Original Full Build Number" may be necessary when applying future upgrades.

The Foxhound database folder: is where the all the Foxhound files were installed.

The Foxhound command line: lists all the SQL Anywhere 16 options used to start the Foxhound database.

The Foxhound Windows API support DLL: displays "rroad464.dll" when the 64-bit version of SQL Anywhere 16 was used to launch Foxhound, and "rroad4.dll" when the 32-bit version was used.

The Foxhound is running in safe mode: displays Y or N.

The Foxhound Process ID: displays the Windows Process Identifier for the instance of SQL Anywhere that is running Foxhound. This number can be displayed in the Windows Task Manager window, and it can be used in the Windows TASKKILL command; e.g., taskkill /pid 3644