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Question: Why aren't more "Uninteresting Connections" being deleted by the Foxhound purge process?

Answer: An "Uninteresting Connection" is a connection that isn't doing anything and isn't preventing any other connection from doing anything.

In particular, it's a connection that

  • hasn't used any CPU time, issued any new requests, executed any commit or rollback operations or caused any pages to be written to the rollback log for a while,
  • isn't holding any locks, and

  • isn't blocking any other connections.

For example, if your Foxhound database contains a large amount of Monitor data for idle connections to a target database, check to see if those connections were holding any locks. If so, then the "Uninteresting Connections" purge criteria won't be satisfied; try using the "Purge all sample data: after [n] day(s)" criteria instead.

Note: The "after [n] day(s)" threshold should "keep the most recent [n] days of successful samples".

The "after [n] day(s)" calculations for the purge process are based on the most recent successful sample, not the current timestamp. That means the most recent [n] day(s) worth of successful samples will be preserved if sampling is turned off or stops for some other reason. It also means that if there are no successful samples, nothing is purged.

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