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Question: What is the Foxhound End-User License Agreement (EULA)?

Answer: RisingRoad - 3QC Inc. License Terms

Foxhound Version 3

By using the software, you accept the following terms. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THEM, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE.

1. No-Nonsense License Agreement

The Foxhound software is protected by United States and Canadian copyright law and international copyright treaty provisions. Therefore, you must treat Foxhound just like a book, except that you may copy it onto a computer to be used and you may make archival copies of Foxhound for the sole purpose of backing-up our software and your data and protecting your investment from loss.

By saying "just like a book," RisingRoad means, for example, that one copy of Foxhound may be executed on any number of computers, and may be freely moved from one computer to another, so long as there is no possibility of it being executed on one computer while it's being executed on another.

By saying "one copy of Foxhound", RisingRoad means a copy of the Foxhound software that has been activated by the application of one single unique registration key obtained from RisingRoad.

Just like one copy of a book can't be read by two different people in two different places at the same time, neither can one copy of Foxhound be executed on two different computers at the same time. (Unless, of course, this License Agreement has been violated.)

2. Use on a Network and the Internet

In the case of the Rental and Basic Editions, one copy of Foxhound may be executed on a computer attached to a local area network and/or the internet, with multiple users accessing the single Foxhound database from browsers running on different computers. The "just like a book" analogy begins to weaken at this point, but it still applies if you think of more than one person reading the same book over someone else's shoulder... it's still one copy of the book, and one copy of Foxhound executing.

In the case of the Extended Edition, an unlimited number of copies of the Foxhound database may be created and started using separate instances of SQL Anywhere on the same local network, with the requirement that a separate Extended Edition registration key be purchased for each multiple of 10 copies of Foxhound started.

3. Further Explanation of Copyright Law and the Scope of This License Statement

You may not download or transmit your copy of Foxhound electronically (either by direct connection or telecommunication transmission) for the purpose of executing it on multiple computers at the same time.

You may transfer all of your rights to use your copy of Foxhound to another person, provided that you transfer to that person (or destroy) all of the software and documentation provided in this package, together with all copies, tangible or intangible, including copies in RAM or installed on a disk, as well as all back-up copies. Remember, once you transfer your copy of Foxhound, it may only be executed on the single computer to which it is transferred and, of course, only in accordance with copyright law and international treaty provisions.

Except as stated in this paragraph, you may not otherwise transfer, rent, lease, sub-license, time-share, or lend the Foxhound software or documentation. Your use of Foxhound is limited to acts that are essential steps in the use of Foxhound on your computer as described in the documentation. You may not otherwise modify, alter, adapt, merge, decompile or reverse-engineer Foxhound, and you may not remove or obscure RisingRoad copyright notices.

6. Disclaimer of Warranty

The software is licensed "as is". You bear the risk of using it. RisingRoad gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. RisingRoad excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

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