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Question: Why don't the schedules work?


1. Make sure "Enable Schedules" is checked in the 1. Global Overrides section of the Foxhound Options or Monitor Options page. This checkbox lets you turn off all schedules in an emergency.

2. Make sure the appropriate "Enforce" checkboxes is checked on the Monitor Options page for the target database you're interested in:

  • 5. Sample Schedule - Enforce the Sample Schedule

  • 6. Connection Sample Schedule - Enforce the Connection Sample Schedule

  • 8. Alert Email Schedule - Enforce the Alert Email Schedule

  • 11. AutoDrop Schedule - Enforce the AutoDrop Schedule

3. Make sure the schedule boxes are be set to something other than all "Y"s or all "."s in order to have an effect. A schedule of all "Y"s or all "."s is the same as turning sampling on and off with no scheduled changes at all.

Note that changes to the schedules aren't retroactive. For example, if you change the Sample Schedule to turn off sampling from 5 PM to 9 AM but you didn't make the change until 8PM, sampling won't be turned off until 8 PM (the point you changed the schedule).

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