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Question: What is a "Rental Key"?


A Rental Key is a code that may be used to activate Foxhound Version 2 as a Rental Edition copy after

  • installing a fresh copy of Version 2 without upgrading from an existing copy of Version 1.x, or

  • upgrading an existing copy of the Version 1.x Evaluation Edition to Version 2.

In both cases the Foxhound Activation page will appear automatically when you start Foxhound, and entering a Rental Key will be one of the alternatives.

A Rental Key may also be used to extend or renew the rental period for an existing installation of the Rental Edition for an additional or subsequent 30-day period. A different Rental Key is required for each 30-day period; see the Renew or Upgrade Foxhound button on the About page.

You can purchase a Rental Key here:

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