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Message: Could not load dynamic library '...'

Explanation: The rroad2.dll and/or rroad264.dll files may be missing from the Foxhound installation folder, even though the message may show the file name as "unknown".

Try reinstalling Foxhound.

Here is where rroad2.dll and rroad264.dll are installed by default on Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RisingRoad\Foxhound2
and on Vista and Windows 7 they are here:
If you have created a custom installation for Foxhound here's what you can try:
  • First, make sure that rroad2.dll and rroad264.dll are located in the same folder as the Foxhound database foxhound2.db.
  • Second, stop and restart the Foxhound database to ensure that rroad2.dll or rroad264.dll can be loaded.
  • Finally, use the DSN tab on the Foxhound main menu to connect to a database without getting the "Could not load dynamic library..." message.
The rroad2.dll and rroad264.dll files contains the very small portion of Foxhound logic that had to be written in C. The vast majority of Foxhound's code is written in SQL including all of the schema analysis, monitor logic and HTML creation.

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