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Question: Why aren't more "Uninteresting Connections" being deleted by the Foxhound purge process?

Answer: An "Uninteresting Connection" is a connection that isn't doing anything and isn't preventing any other connection from doing anything.

In particular, it's a connection that

  • hasn't used any CPU time, issued any new requests, executed any commit or rollback operations or caused any pages to be written to the rollback log for a while,
  • isn't holding any locks, and

  • isn't blocking any other connections.

For example, if your Foxhound database contains a large amount of Monitor data for idle connections to a target database, check to see if those connections were holding any locks. If so, then the "Uninteresting Connections" purge criteria won't be satisfied; try using the "Purge all sample data: after 1 day ... 1 week ..." criteria instead.

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