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Question: Why won't the target database auto-start when Foxhound tries to connect to it?

Answer: The answer depends on whether Foxhound is connecting via the DSN tab or the String tab.

If you are connecting via the DSN tab Foxhound uses AUTOSTART=NO and AutoStop=NO even if you have specified something different inside the ODBC DSN. The reason is this: In general, folks don't want Foxhound auto-starting and auto-stopping their databases, they want that functionality reserved for their applications.

In this case, you will have to start the database before trying to get Foxhound to connect to it. For example, you can use the ODBC Administrator Test Connection button, or run your application to auto-start the database, or start the engine via a command-line script (batch file).

If you are connecting via the String tab Foxhound also defaults to AUTOSTART=NO and AutoStop=NO, but you can override that with an explicit AUTOSTART=YES if you want.

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