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Question: What's new in Foxhound Beta 1.3677?

Answer: More support for materialized views has been added. In particular, the "Largest tables" has been renamed "Largest tables and materialized views", and materialized views are included in various counts, rankings and curiosities:

  • row count
  • bytes per row
  • table space
  • extension space
  • index space
  • total space
  • relative index space percentage of table space
  • column counts
  • view column counts
  • indexes
  • index column counts

The ALTER VIEW ... DISABLE statement is now shown for disabled views.

The $post_setup.bat file has been optimized to MOVE instead of XCOPY the new Foxhound database to speed up the installation process when the existing Foxhound database is very large.

The $backup_foxhound1.bat file has been rewritten to solve several problems. In particular, the backup subfolders are "rotated" (deleted, renamed) only if the backup succeeds to prevent the oldest backup from being deleted when something goes wrong and a new backup is not created.

Many new Frequently Asked Questions have been added, including How do I start Foxhound in "safe mode"?

The following options have been added to the Foxhound database startup commands in order to limit cache growth and to eliminate the time wasted by the cache warming process after a large Foxhound database has been upgraded: -ch 25p -cr-

The process used by the Monitor to connect to the target database has been improved, eliminating false error messages Pick a valid ODBC DSN, and specify the user id and password on the Foxhound DSN tab or inside the DSN itself. Note that Foxhound cannot handle encrypted passwords stored inside ODBC DSNs.

The default threshold for incomplete file I/O operations in Alert #15 has been changed from 10 to 256 because values up to 255 are very common: Alert #15. The current number of incomplete file I/O operations has reached [256] or more for [10] or more recent samples.

Note that for an upgraded Foxhound database this change will only affect the "Restore Factory Settings" values. It does not affect the "Restore Default Settings" or the settings used for any new or existing monitor sessions. To put the new default into more widespread use you must change and save the settings yourself.

For a new Foxhound database (not upgraded) this change affects both the "Restore Factory Settings" and "Restore Default Settings" as well as the initial values used for new monitor sessions.

The background Foxhound database purge process has been changed to run more often but do less work each time it runs, in an effort to keep the purge from affecting foreground Foxhound performance when deleting gigabytes of sample data. In particular, the purge now runs every 20 minutes instead of every hour, and is limited in the number of samples it can delete each time it runs. This means several runs of the purge process may be required to delete all the old data, and the amount of free space in the Foxhound database may not grow as fast as might otherwise be expected.

The following bug has been fixed: When sampling is started after it has been stopped for a while, the first sample is sometimes incorrectly shown as occurring between the "-- Sampling stopped at --" and "-- Sampling stopped --" entries:

Apr 22 5:13:21 PM   1m 18.8s   -- Sampling stopped --  
Apr 22 5:12:21 PM   0s    0s / 0s ...        
Apr 22 5:12:02 PM   1m 24.2s   -- Sampling stopped at --

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