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Question: What's in the future for Foxhound?

Answer: The to-do list is 200K, so yeah, there's lots of stuff that might get added. That's 200K of ASCII text, by the way, and FWIW the "done" list is 600K.

But exactly WHAT is in the to-do list? Sorry, not going to say, at least not yet. That's Secret Competitive Advantage stuff.

Here's what's NOT going to happen: Foxhound is never going to become an "integrated development environment" like Sybase Central, not even like ISQL. No query building tools, no data transformation utilities, no programming plugins. Way too much competition out there.

And besides, we use Wordpad, so we don't even want an IDE... we wouldn't be dogfooding Foxhound like we do every day.

So we wouldn't do a good job, and you wouldn't buy it.

Maybe we'll add schema comparison... but not a funky abstract comparison like PowerDesigner or a lowest-common-denominator comparison like those generic ODBC utilities do, but something for actual programmers who work with actual SQL Anywhere databases and want to see "what changed in my tables?"

Something like this schema comparison.

Maybe... not soon, it's hard to do it right, to go the extra mile and merge the Compare-It API into the slick Foxhound hypertext navigation structure.

And it's just one of the to-do items in the 200K list.

Here's a couple of items that are planned for the near future, post-GA: Supporting SQL Anywhere 12 as a target platform, and then porting Foxhound itself to run on SQL Anywhere 12. Preliminary indications are the second item's going to be easy and beneficial because proxy tables are a lot faster in Version 12.

Alas, the first item (supporting a new version as target) is never easy... and it's much higher priority than the second.

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