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Question: Pick a valid ODBC DSN, and specify the user id and password on the Foxhound DSN tab or inside the DSN itself

Answer: When using the DSN tab on the Foxhound menu to choose Display Schema or Monitor Database, both the user id and password values must be specified together, in the same place: either explicitly in the User Id: and Password: fields on the menu, or inside the target database ODBC DSN itself.

Currently, Foxhound cannot deal with the following scenarios:

  • A DSN with an encrypted password.
    Workaround: Store the unencrypted password in the DSN, or specify the unencrypted password value in the Password: field on the menu together with the User Id: value.
  • A user id with an empty password.

    Workaround: Create a user id with a non-empty password and use that user id instead.

This message may also appear in a Database Monitor session that was once able to connect to the target database via an ODBC User DSN, but is no longer able to connect because the Foxhound database was started as a service and thus requires System DSNs in order to connect to target databases. Try deleting the User DSN and recreating it as a System DSN; that will allow Foxhound to reconnect and resume sampling in the old sampling session rather that starting a new session.

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