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Question: How do I tell different databases apart in Alert emails?


  • Specify a different DSN or Connection String name for each target database when starting a Foxhound Monitor session for that database, or
  • set the GlobalDBId property to a different non-default value for each target database that uses Version 7 or later of SQL Anywhere. If the target database GlobalDBId property is set to a non-default value, that value will be shown in (parentheses) after the DSN or Connection String name in Alert emails. This makes it easier to tell different remote databases apart in a replicating or synchronizing environment.

Here's how to set the GlobalDBId option:

   SET OPTION PUBLIC.global_database_id = '47';

Here's how to display the value after you've set it:


Here are the non-default GlobalDBId value ranges:

  • Versions 7.0.0 through 8.0.0: 1 to 2147483646
  • Versions 8.0.1 and later: 0 to 2147483646

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