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Question: How do I install version 11 of SQL Anywhere on the same machine used to run an earlier version of SQL Anywhere?

Answer: Follow the normal process for installing SQL Anywhere 11; version 11 of SQL Anywhere can coexist on the same computer as all earlier versions from 5.5 through 10.

There is one caveat, however: The SQL Anywhere 11 installation modifies the Windows PATH environment variable. If you have been relying on the PATH to determine where SQL Anywhere utilities such as dbbackup.exe and dbvalid.exe are located, your Windows command lines and batch files may start executing the version 11 copies of those utilities instead of the version you want. Either change the PATH variable, or modify your Windows command lines to explicitly specify the folder containing the utilities.

Each version of SQL Anywhere comes with its own environment variable that makes it easier to code commands; here's an example of how to use the SQLANY10 environment variable to execute the version 10 copy of dbvalid.exe:

   "%SQLANY10%\win32\dbvalid.exe" -c "ENG=ddd10;DBN=ddd10;UID=dba;PWD=sql" -d -o dbvalid_log_ddd10.txt

Here's a list of the environment variables for each version:

  • Version 5.5: SQLANY
  • Version 6: ASANY

  • Version 7: ASANY7

  • Version 8: ASANY8

  • Version 9: ASANY9

  • Version 10: SQLANY10

  • Version 11: SQLANY11

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