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Question: Another version of this product is already installed.

Answer: You have to run the Foxhound "unsetup" process before reinstalling Foxhound, or before installing a new version.

If you forget, you will see this error when you run the Foxhound setup; this is a limitation of the way the InstallShield setup for Foxhound is constructed:

There are three ways to run the Foxhound unsetup process:

  • Click on start - All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Unsetup Foxhound, or
  • use the Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs dialog to remove Foxhound Version 1, or

  • run this command: MsiExec.exe /X{B6CE87CB-2838-49AC-9E48-6E867BDD4B93}

The unsetup process doesn't actually delete the existing database file foxhound1.db; that file is overwritten after the data is upgraded (copied) during the post-setup process when you reinstall Foxhound.

Here's what you see when you click on start - All Programs - Foxhound1 - Tools - Unsetup Foxhound:

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